Stylish small apartment that measures only 27 square meters

This inviting apartment just got a new look. It has been recently redesigned by French interior architects RobertGervaisStudio. It’s a two-bedroom apartment that measures a total of 27 square meters. It’s a small place but it’s inviting and stylish, thanks to the architects.The apartment features an interesting design. It has been distributed around duplex bedrooms and a bathroom. The team from RobertGervaisStudio did a great job combining materials and colors.

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The apartment features a beautiful mix of white, black, blue, green, purple and some other colors as well. It’s hard to juggle with so many colors and it’s even more difficult to do that while also mixing textures and materials. Still, with some creativity and talent, this can be a really interesting project.

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The dark metal structures create a nice contrast with the mural tiles and with the bleached and polished cement. The apartment has been beautifully reorganized. The interior design uniquely reveals each material. All the little details are important and, even though there aren’t many accessories and details, the décor is nicely put together and synchronized. The colors used for the walls and the interior design are mostly dark. Still, the apartment is bright and inviting. The décor is mostly minimalist and sometimes intentionally sloppy. This makes it original and unique. There are several contrasting elements in there but overall it’s a uniform design.{pics by Christoph Theurer}.