Stylish Shed Exteriors

There are a million different kinds of sheds in the world…maybe more. Some are as large as a house, some are a few 2x4s nailed together. Some are ornate, some resemble a cardboard box. Whatever the case may be with your own shed, one thing is certain: what you do with the exterior of the shed makes a huge impact, for better or worse, on your overall yard. Whether you’re big on colorful architecture or lean toward something more rustic (or anywhere in between), here are some shed exteriors with style to inspire:

Stylish shed
Complete with contrast trim, wooden window, hanging outdoor lantern, and planter box, this little shed looks more reminiscent of an actual home than a simple outdoor shed. The structure’s colors are crisp and neat without drawing immediate attention to itself. It’s the details make the shed a favorable part of the yard, rather than an eyesore that sheds often can be. I can’t decide if this hanging lantern or the barn-style door is my favorite part, but either way…this is a fabulous shed of relative simplicity.

Fairy shed
If you can, highlight the shed’s charm! Glass-front double doors on this raised cream-colored shed are definitely craftsman details, but the overall style is really brought to light by the cheerful accessories. Pastel pots, flowering garland at the roof’s edge, and vertical heart (fabric?) garland coming down through the doorway are welcoming, casual, and ultimately a style statement. Even a small shed deck, like this one, adds huge impact, as a place to house extra pots and make the shed seem more like a home.

Backyard shed
Although this tiny number is tucked away in the far corner of the yard, its aesthetics are definitely not abandoned! With a cheerful bright red door and a couple of hanging planters, the otherwise simple shed becomes a stylish, stand-out piece to this beautifully landscaped backyard. The simple slanted roof is a great design choice for such a small structure, minimizing visual lines that would otherwise compete with the rest of the yard’s details.

Garden wood shed
Sometimes, more is more. This darling rustic mini-abode is chock full of unique embellishments. The stained wood siding puts the shed perfectly at ease in the nature-inspired surroundings. A two-sectioned barn-style door incorporates décor on both top and bottom, and window boxes are full of large, cheerful blooms. Charmingly mismatched gizmos on the shed’s gable side (e.g., hanging garden tools, wind chime, croquet set) make this shed absolutely endearing.

Painted shed
One thing about most sheds is this: with the right color scheme, even a very simple (and, frankly, fairly boring) structure can sing. This turquoise and lavender shed is a prime example – the colors are fresh and cheerful without being too in-your-face. They blend inwith the yardscape but also add a lovely minty pop. The shed looks like it’s a bit older, nothing too detailed or crazy in the construction, but it’s an absolute perfect touch, both aesthetically and functionally, in the corner of this yard.

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