20 Elements Necessary For Creating A Stylish Shabby Chic Kitchen

A bit of femininity and a bit of rustic flavors come together to create the style we all know and love as “shabby chic.” And we can’t forget the vintage infusion thrown in too. Although we see a lot of this trendy way to decorate, we don’t necessarily know how to replicate it and which accents are completely needed – especially when it comes to the kitchen area. But don’t worry, today we’re sharing 20 elements necessary for creating a stylish, shabby chic kitchen that all can enjoy.

1. Creams

Shabby chic Cream design

Having a dark foundation for your shabby chic kitchen won’t work. There’s a lightness, openness and brightness to this style and you’ll need a creamy palette to get started with.{found on bhphoto}.

2. The Right Backsplash

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You’ll also want to add texture. So if you’re installing a backsplash make sure you’re not going with a chic and slick style, instead choose a style with a bit of interest, vintage-essence and richness.

3. Wooden Pieces

Shabby Chic Style Kitchen

There are so many ways to add a bit of wood into the mix. From furniture to accents in and around the island, cabinets or even your cooking tools. Make sure you have a pop of wood … somewhere … which brings in a more rustic appeal.

4. Textural Bits

Shabby chic with textural bits

From tablecloths to counter decor, it’s important to keep texture in mind. It’s important to use different layers and stray away from super sharp lines and slickness.

5. Fresh Florals

Fresh floral design for kitchen

To add a bit of that feminine spirit to your rustic charm, make sure to keep some fresh flowers around and in the space. Remember, real florals are always welcome as they will breathe life into any room.

6. Blush – Somewhere

Shabby chic but with pops

When we think shabby chic, it’s hard not to think of a pop or two of blush tones. Whether it’s the walls or in the accents, adding some blush to the design is a must!{found on cynthiascottagedesign}.

7. Distressed Furniture

Distressed wood for kitchen

From the island to the kitchen table, find pieces with personality or those that tell a story. Some vintage distressing will add the texture and vintage appeal you’re looking for.

8. Mixing-Matching

Mixing old and new for shabby kitchen

From the chairs to the flowers to the kitchen utensils, have fun mixing and matching. This brings in that eclectic and fun charm that the shabby chic style is known for.{found on billmathews}.

9. Flowing Fabric

Shabby Chic Kitchen Design Closer

On the windows, open cabinets or on the table, pay attention to the fabrics you’ll be using. Lace or whimsy chiffon, go with softer, flowing fabrics for a more fairy-tale like quality.{found on envieinteriors}.

10. Some Antique Finds

Retro kitchen always in style

Mix in with some flea market jewels and vintage accents within your centerpieces and functional, kitchen tools. From the table to the counter tops, throwback salt and pepper shakers or antique baskets may fit in quite nicely.

11. Upcycled Ideas

Shabby chic kitchen with pallet on wall

Those old wooden palettes can come in handy here. Built a backsplash, table or island with those old pieces of wood. Use vintage windows as decor and use your imagination!

12. Attention to the Windows

Shabby Chic Attention to the Windows

Don’t leave your windows bare without detail. From the flowing fabrics to framing it throughout a renovation, make sure that you utilize its natural light and highlight its functionality and personality.

13. Victorian Lighting

Shabby chic with victorian chandeliers

Chandeliers and other Victorian light fixtures do well in a shabby chic kitchen. They highlight, help transform and add an extra bit of feminine charm to the mix.

14. Prints

Prints and floral accents for shabby chic decor

Floral prints are a must when cultivating a shabby chic space and that goes for the kitchen too! Linens, plates and more can be covered with these gorgeous patterns.

15. Open-Shelving

Open shelves for white kitchen

Let everyone peek at your kitchen collections by utilizing open shelving. It creates an “organized chaos” feel that works well within the “shabbiness” of this style.{found on kararosenlund}.

16. Glass Cabinets

Glass Cabinets

Just like the openness of the above, cabinets with windows can create that same feeling. China cabinets and hutches can utilize this feature as well.

17. An Apothecary

An Apothecary Shabby Chic

Throw an apothecary in the mix for extra detail. And then fill it up with whatever you’d like! From flowers to vintage candies, get creative with it!

18. Throwback Linens

Throwback lines for dining table

Add vintage linens to the mix as well. Cover lower, open cabinets, the table and more with lace, floral prints and ruffles from the past!

19. Vintage Appliances or Kitchen Necessities

Turquoise smeg fridge

Of course, adding a vintage, handheld mixer or even a throwback fridge could help with the complete transformation. You may need to do a quick makeover and some work on the piece but it’ll be worth it!

20. Windowsill Decorating

Windowsill Decorating

A part of the “shabby chic” way is to pay attention to the details and that includes the windowsill. Display some favorite finds or dress with florals!