Stylish Scotland residence with a Nordic interior

Regardless of the positioning on the globe, Nordic interiors are very appreciated. In fact, they have a great influence all over the world. Here’s an example of a residence located in Scotland that boost a very beautiful interior that follows the main principles of Nordic interior design. Notice that the main color used for the décor is white. This color is extensively used in Nordic designs and it’s a symbol of minimalism and simplicity.

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The residence is stylishly decorated but without using too much color or unnecessary decorations. For example, we can see that the living room is almost austere. It features white walls, white ceilings and floors and the predominant color combination is the timeless black and white. A recurrent element is represented by the stripes. It’s a pattern encountered in the living room in the form of a black and white striped rug but also in the bedroom where we have the same pattern used for the bedding and also on the hallway where there is an abstract modern painting on the wall featuring the same pattern.

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Even the nursery is minimalistic. The dominant colors are also black and white but there are also small, colorful details. For example, there’s a lovely green rocking chair, a colorful clothes hanger and a series of toy decorations on the shelves. These small splashes of color are vibrant and serve as focal points, allowing the interior design to become dynamic without falling in monotony.{found on emmas designblog}.