Stylish pool house with a contemporary design

Quite popular in the United States, pool house are extensions or additions on a property that usually also serve as guest houses. This one is particularly impressive because it has an interesting design and it’s also generous in size. This stylish pool house was a project by Michael Minadeo + Partners.It’s a long and narrow structure that follows the entire length of the pool along the driveway side. It has a contemporary design and a functionally structured interior. The pool house is divided into three volumes.

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The first one, close to the main house, includes a dining and entertaining area. It’s in fact a covered outdoor space and a great connecting space. It has a fireplace and wooden slats above it that provide alternating shade. The second volume is a copper box that contains an internal living space, a kitchenette, a large bathroom and a changing room.This last space can also be used as a guest bedroom.

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The third volume is placed towards the end of the pool and it’s also an exterior space. It’s smaller than the first one and it contains a semi-private outdoor shower. The pool house is mostly composed of exterior spaces and this makes it a transitional structure. It’s a beautiful addition to the site and has a charming and simple design. It’s also functionally structured.