Stylish Majorcan retreat with a beautiful backyard

Holiday retreats or vacation homes don’t need to be overly impressive with their interior décor. They need to be, first of all, casual and inviting. This Majorcan house is a great example for that. The house is surrounded by a lovely garden with fruit trees and it has a beautiful interior planned for both relaxation and entertainment. The house features thick stone walls that give it an imposing look. However, the interior is light and very friendly.

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Even though it’s simple, there are some elements that make this home stand out. In terms of interior design, the most interesting elements would have to be the lighting fixtures from the dining room. They create a dramatic décor and give this area a very strong personality. Overall, the house features parquet flooring that adds warmth to the atmosphere. The interior is modern and very chic.The color palette is diverse but very pleasant and the decorations are tasteful and beautiful.

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The connection between interior and exterior is very strong even though they are very different areas. The property has a lovely outdoor dining area with benches and tables. The garden is one of the main attractions. The property also has a pool with heated water.The deck is a lovely addition. Originally, the house had some moisture problems of the ground floor but those were solved with the help of some extra insulation, under floor heating and a renovation that opened up the spaces. Now this is a very pleasant retreat for family and friends.{found on nuevoestilo}.