Stylish interior with turquoise accents by Highland Homes

This house has a very delicate and charming interior design. It’s the type of home that has it all. It’s elegant and yet casual, simple yet sophisticated. As for the color palette, in this the star is turquoise. It’s a beautiful color, not as easy to mix with other colors as other shades but very charming nonetheless.

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All the rooms have turquoise accents. Some of them feature a variety of tones and combinations while others stick with simpler decors. This stylish home was decorated by award-winning homebuilder Highland Homes. The designer paid special attention to details and this makes this home extra charming. The kitchen is especially appealing. The turquoise tiles are a very beautiful detail and they beautifully complemented by the white furniture and dark pendant lamps.

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In fact, the white and turquoise combination is widely used for the rest of the house as well. The bedroom is especially beautiful. It has a very harmonious décor, fresh, simple and stylish. The whole bedroom is white and it’s complemented by turquoise accents such as the decorative pillows or the curtains. The living room is bold and dynamic. It features dark wooden floors that create a strong contrast with the white walls and turquoise accessories. Even the wall painting features tones of turquoise. Sometimes using a single color as an accent features for the whole house can be overwhelming. However, in this case everything is very well balanced.{found on houseofturquoise}.