Stylish Hamptons cottage remodeled by ASH NYC

As expected, any property from the Hamptons is something that deserves to be shared with the rest of the world. This one is a charming cottage located in Sag Harbor, New York and it’s currently on the market at the price of $1,150,000. Finding a new owner will probably be easy since it’s so beautiful and stylish.

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The cottage is actually more like a small villa. It’s definitely not the type of country cottage with cozy interior and tiny rooms. This one is a more elevated property and it has been recently remodeled by New York-based firm ASH NYC. They redesigned this residence and updated it, making it seem more modern and appealing than ever. The cottage has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and it’s actually a historic home. It’s why the character and original charm of the property had to be preserved.

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During the renovations, some of the original features have been preserved as well. The rest has been replaced but not with contemporary elements but with mid-century pieces. Even so, the cottage has a very fresh and modern look. The exposed beams in the ceiling create a warm and cozy atmosphere and they create a nice contrast with the rest of the elements. The property lacks a swimming pool but one could be added if the deck would be removed. One of the bedrooms is quite small but it could be sued as an office or guest room.