Stylish faux French farmhouse in Houston

This beautiful residence is a faux French farmhouse. We say faux because it’s not really in France and it’s not really a French farmhouse.The house is located in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Houston and it’s a surprising structure in that particular area. It’s a very beautiful house and if you didn’t already know it was situated in Houston you would have probably though it’s an authentic French residence.

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It’s not only the house itself that features a typical French design but the surroundings as well have been designed to match this style. The property also includes an outdoor swimming pool together with a green lawn and shrubs. As expected, the interior and exterior spaces are well defined and they don’t interconnect like in the case of some contemporary residences. The house has a rustic feel but it’s also very elegant and stylish.

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Inside, the house is very inviting. It has beautiful vaulted ceilings and spacious rooms. It features a common public space that includes the kitchen and the dining room. The rooms are separated by a wall but they are often perceived as a single unit. The master bedroom is particularly beautiful. In fact, the whole residence has a uniform décor that can be seen in all the rooms with no exception. It’s a bright and very elegant home.The house is listed here.