A Few Simple Ways Of Giving An Old Dresser A Fresh New Look

So you have this old dresser which is either a piece that you really love and has sentimental value or simply just a good piece of furniture that you don’t want to throw out yet. And why should you? Maybe it doesn’t look that great anymore but you can easily fix that. Not sure how? Take a look at these DIY projects for some inspiration.

Black dresser makeover

One of the simplest things you can do is repaint or re-stain the dresser. A few additional adjustments such as opting for a new pattern or a combination of colors can make your project stand out from the rest. The black and white combo featured here is timeless goes really well with the vintage design of the piece. Use painter’s tape to make the lines clean.{found on scrapmebaby}.

Add some fabric for an old dresser

But paint isn’t your only option. Other alternatives can prove to be even more interesting. A good example can be found on littleredwindow. The fabric-wrapped dresser featured here has a rather unusual look. Check out the instructions to see how you could replicate the design for your own piece of furniture. Pick fabric in a color or pattern that you think will go well with the dresser but also with the rest of the room’s décor.

Gold leaf for an old dresser

Sometimes the goal is not to hide the age of a piece of furniture in order to update it and to make it look more modern but to actually embrace its current look and style while making a few small changes. Take a look at the project on Thedempsterlogbook for a rather unusual example. This old dresser got a new look using gold leaf.

How to hack an IKEA dresser

On the other hand, if your starting with a dresser that’s not old but just plain and too simple, the strategy differs. In that case, you’ll just want to make the piece look less generic and that can be done by using paint, new hardware and other details and accessories. You can also raise the dresser off the floor if you think the new look will suit it well. {found on madincrafts}.

Change the color for your dresser

Of course, sometimes a change of color is your best option. It could drastically change the appearance of the dresser. Also, if you’re replacing the drawer pulls with the ones then the transformation will be even more interesting and striking. Check out Thesweetestdings for an example of how such a project could be done.

One day dresser makeover

If you’ve chosen to paint the dresser a different color, how about using a combination of colors instead? Black and white and classics. They combine really well and you can use these two shades to create a variety of striking and elegant patterns and designs, like the one featured on Thesweetestoccasion. You can paint the whole dresser the same color and then use tape to create the pattern you want. Apply the second color and remove the tape.

Before and after mountain dresser

If you start with an unfinished dresser, you can use painter’s tape to create a simple design which you can then better define using paint. The black paint used in the case of the project found on Hellolidy gives the piece an eye-catching look. As you can see, the design doesn’t have to be very complex to look interesting.

Add some leather straps for drawers

Or you can just leave the dresser plain and simple like the all-white version we found on Sugarandcloth. The dresser is simple and can easily look beautiful in a lot of different decors and settings. But it lacks that little something which makes it stand out. That detail, as it turns out, was the lack of drawer pulls. The newly added ones complete the design.

Dray erase drawer

But what if you could change the look of your dresser every time you wanted without having to repaint it? That can be done by using dry erase paint. But first you need to apply a few coats of primer. Keep in mind that dry erase paint is very thin and doesn’t offer much coverage. Once it’s dry, you can customize and personalize the dresser in a lot of interesting ways. {found on ducklingsinarow}.