How To Refinish An Old Dresser And Add It To The Nursery

Apart from a few exceptions, the furniture used in the nursery is basically the same as everywhere else in the house. This is especially true when it comes to storage. A dresser, for example, can be a perfect storage unit for the nursery and all you’d have to do is give it a makeover so it can look cute and adorable. The transformation would be pretty simple. Usually all an old dresser needs is a fresh coat of paint to look like new again.


The transformation starts with an old dresser that’s in fairly good condition. Do some repair work if necessary but mainly sand down the whole piece and prepare it to be painted. After that, apply a coat of primer and let it dry. Add another coat just to be sure the color looks nice. Then it’s time to apply two or three coats of paint. If you want to recreate the design described on blawndesblawg then you’ll also have to attach mirrors to the front of the drawers.

Vintage nursery dresser diy 1
Vintage nursery dresser diy

The colors usually used for nurseries are pastels and soft shades. The light pink used in the project found on cuckoo4design is really cute and look great in combination with the golden accents. If you want to create a similar makeover you’ll have to use chalk paint. Remove the hardware first and paint the wood parts pink. Then spray paint the drawer pulls and knobs gold and add some gold trimming to the fronts of the drawers as well.

before mint dresser

mit green dresser

Chic gold drawer pulls and knobs can look really stylish when combined with other colors as well. For example, the mint green dresser featured on thesweetestdigs shows another really beautiful combination of colors. The makeover process is not different from any other so basically you just have to sand down the dresser and then paint it green. The finishing touches, in this case the hardware, make all the difference.

Chevron nursery dresser

Instead of painting the dresser another option can be to cover it with fabric. Actually, it’s enough to cover the drawer fronts with fabric in order to change the whole look of the piece. You can choose a type of fabric that has a cute pattern like flowers, stripes, cute teddy bears and other things that would suit a nursery room. Similarly, you can use wallpaper instead of fabric To find out how to dress up an old dresser, check out brockdesigngroup.