Stylish Cushy Lounge Collection for Teens

Teens, like adults, need rooms of their own. But creating a space with teen appeal takes thinking like one. The Cushy Lounge Collection is a perfect example of teen aesthetics and functionality at work. By giving them a cool, comfortable lounge, you can keep them happily occupied in their own space and, more important, out of yours.

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More than just chairs, the Cushy Lounge is a versatile and open-ended concept that every teen grasps. Separate building blocks of superthick, tufted and piped cushions and expertly crafted bases let them choose the arrangement. They can sit low of the floor for video games or higher on a pedestal base with guests or even higher on the storage base with shelf space for studying. Teens can fill a space with the expansive Super Sectional or regular sectional or a combination of loveseat and individual chairs. Moreover baskets can be used in the open shelving of the storage base. With the help of these items you can create a social space to be proud of.

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The Cushy Lounge Collection looks and feels sophisticated. Available for prices between EUR 121.34 and EUR 267.93, these pieces will make every teen happy and will also develop his/her sense of taste and style for years to come.