Stylish & Creative Hat Holders

The well-thought-out home is a treasure. Of course, major layout decisions, such as where the kitchen and bathrooms and bedrooms are located, are vital to the feel of a home. But smaller decisions, ones that impact the sense of comfort and consideration of those in the home, are arguably just as important in the long run. For me, hat holders fall into this category. There are few things more awkward than having to shuffle around hats from surface to surface or room to room, simply because there’s no real place to put them.

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If you’ve ever felt this way, never fear. Here are five totally creative ideas for hat storage. The run the gamut of styles and space constraints, so hopefully one or two of these will get your own creative juices flowing.

Trimmed and mounted tree branches.

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Contained in an equally rustic wood frame, this idea is the perfect thing for an eclectic flair or cabin feel or even nature-loving retreat. The branches are left natural but are smooth, and the hat-holding ends are trimmed and sanded so as to hold even the most delicate of headwear with dignity. I love how the different angles and widths of the branches allow for different hats (or other items, such as scarves or bags or even keys) to be hung. As a wall-mounted piece, this is also a great space-saving idea.

Vintage spools.

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If your home has a large wall near a doorway, this is a fantastically practical idea for doubling hat hanging storage and wall art. Here, vintage spools have been sawed in half then mounted with dual threaded screws (like those used for railings). I love how the spools themselves are interesting, whether or not they hold a hat. Although this particular resource (the vintage spool) might be hard to come by, the idea is fantastic…and many other vintage pieces could work equally well and with similar charm.

Animal antlers.

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This one is probably obvious, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. Antlers have been a classic wall-hanging item forever, and not just in cabin settings, either. This look can be both charming and sophisticated, and I love how a hat-wearing deer antler adds personality and fun to a home. I would keep a hat or two on some antlers, should you choose to go this route, so that visitors know that they are intended to be hat holders.

(Non-working) lamp base.

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This look is completely unique and the ultimate in defining one’s sense of style and character. A hat-holding lamp base offers eclectic sophistication and whimsy. It’s also a great way to reuse an old lamp base that either doesn’t work or that you don’t want to use as a lamp. I’d recommend setting the lamp base on a high enough perch that onlookers can appreciate the idea as a whole.

Deconstructed, upside-down umbrella.

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Oh, but I love this idea. If your space is large enough, consider providing hat storage via an extended deconstructed umbrella. The upcycle factor of this vintage piece is huge, and it makes the space overall approachably industrial. Just make sure there is plenty of walking space around the extended umbrella – a charming hat-holder is one thing, but a grabby-hands piece of metal arms is quite another.

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