Stylish Christmas Decorations That You Can Make For Yourself

Home spun Christmas decorations are unique, making them not only the most cherished types of decorations but also the most cost effective. Fun to make with your kids, there is no need to compromise on style just because the festive adornments aren’t shop bought. Get your family in the holiday spirit by setting aside a rainy December afternoon to make your own Yuletide decorations. Simple, hand made ornaments will look just as effective as the real thing, so long as you take a little care when making them. Use good quality materials for the best results and visit a craft store well in advance of Christmas so you have the things you need when you want them.

Card Christmas Trees.

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Cardboard Christmas trees are simple to make and will be a good starting point for children or a novice with home made decorations. There are two basic types. Flat trees can be made by cutting out three equilateral triangles from colorful card. Lay them over one another to form a stylised Christmas tree shape. Add a trunk and a base if you want to. Glue the card triangles in position and decorate the trees with buttons and little scraps of tinsel. Mount them on your walls or on a piece of dowelling which you can stand in a candlestick or a plant pot.

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For free standing card Christmas trees make a stencil of tree outline and use it to cut the same shape out of two sections of card. With the first tree shape, cut a notch from the top to the center, and with the second one make a cut from the bottom, upwards to the middle. Now slide one card tree shape into the second, set them at 90 degrees to one another and display them on a shelf.

Twig Christmas Trees.

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Christmas trees are the most iconic of all decorations in European and North American homes. Fake ones can be expensive, as can the real thing, and real or not they take up a lot of floor space. To save money and room in your home, use an interestingly shaped branch, with plenty of twigs, that you can hang decorations from. Don’t worry if the shape you have is not regular, because that is part of the charm. Use the wood in its natural form or, alternatively, dip the whole thing into white paint. Spray painting your twig tree with a silver color can make for a striking effect, too.

Giant Snowflakes.

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A great way of decorating your home for Christmas in a bold way is to construct your own giant snowflakes. Most kids learn how to fold paper over on itself to make a six sided snowflake cut out. For giant snowflakes you can simply upscale the process. However, a more stylish idea is to paint some giant popsicle sticks bright red and then stick the ends together to form a hexagon. From each corner add a new, or even two, popsicle sticks to make a unique snowflake shape. All you have to remember is to repeat the pattern at each corner of the hexagon to keep the symmetry of your giant snowflake. Once you are happy, hang it from a picture hook with a little ribbon.

Festive Pom Poms.

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Make your own pom poms from old tinsel garlands which have got wound up on themselves over the years. Simply snip off the two ends of the garland and twist the two pieces together in the middle. Keep them in place together by tightly wrapping a thin length of wire around at the join. You can then use the wire to attach a matching colored ribbon so you can hang your pom pom up.

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