Stylish brass sinks with a retro look

There’s something about old-school designs that makes them really attractive. It’s partially the rarity but also the elegance of these classics that turns them into timeless features. Kitchens and bathrooms however are almost always modern and contemporary. People want only the latest fixtures and furniture pieces for these spaces when, in reality, it should have no importance at all if the sink or the cabinets are modern or vintage when they are elegant and serve you well. For those who want to break the stereotypes, Restart offers a range of very beautiful brass sinks.

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These sinks feature old-style designs and they have a very unique retro look that makes them stand out. The Italian company has created a series of very attractive brass sinks, with a half-enclosed design and that that have a very charming old-school design both in terms of aesthetical appeal and choice of materials. The sinks have an integrated dish rack and towel bar that contribute to their overall classic and timeless look.

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The brass sinks from Restart will add a touch of elegance to any kitchen. The choice of materials is unusual but goes perfectly with the design and style. To create a complete classical look you can also opt for a brass faucet that can be either deck or wall-mounted. As for the dimensions, the sinks usually measure 79.5 cm wide, by 47 cm deep, by 17 cm high but custom sizes are also available on request.