Stylish Box Armchair by Autoban

The Box Armchair is a special piece of furniture which was inspired by the 1950’s modernist movement. Initially it was a wooden box which then it was transformed into a luxurious sofa by Autoban.This piece of furniture is very comfortable and reminds me of my own armchair when I was student. Every night I came to sit in my comfortable armchair in front of TV and I ended to fell asleep so nicely. My mother was so amused to see me sleeping there. I had many classes as I attended a faculty with a double specialization and my home was far away from the university. All these things exhausted me so that in the evening the comfortable armchair and the TV were like some sleeping pills and I could not resist them anymore.

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Perhaps this Box Armchair may have the same effect on me although its luxurious design makes it look more like a precious decorative piece. It is available in different nuances and materials so that it can match any décor and various tastes. American black walnut and American white oak finished with a Danish oil or a white oil are the variants that you may choose in case you become interested in such unique piece of furniture.

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Its design makes you think of a special corner of your own where you can sit and rest and even so that nobody can disturb you.A piece of furniture will definitely change the whole ambiance and style of an interior and this Box Armchair is no exception. It is a piece which will make your living room look special and stylish.