12 Must Have for a Stylish Bar Cart

If there is one thing that’s always in style, it’s a bar cart. Any dinner party or weekend brunch you host can only be improved by serving cocktails to your guests so it’s essential to have the drinks and glasses handy. But if you’re going to have all your bar cart supplies sitting out, it’s important that it looks great and curated against the rest of your decor. You don’t want a mish mash of glasses and corks and that random sports team cocktail shaker that you bought on a whim sitting in your dining room for all to see. Check out these 12 must haves that will inspire you to curate the best bar cart on the block.

Mid century bar cart

First things first, you obviously need to put some thought into the cart itself. Metallic is always a good choice since it will match with any decor, no matter how many times to change things up. Wood is a warm and friendly option for the welcoming household. Or maybe you prefer something bright that will make your cart the center of attention in your living room. (via West Elm)

Gold cocktail shaker

If your bar cart is going to produce anything more than wine and whisky, you’re going to need a cocktail shaker. A pretty gold one will stand out amongst your glass bottles and look great against your painted nails. (via West Elm)

glass bottles

Speaking of glass bottles, don’t let your leftovers go to waste. Get these pretty stoppers to keep your drinks up to snuff. Not to mention give them a bit of the glamour that the rest of your bar cart already has. (via Z Gallerie)

Gold ice bucket

Let’s not forget about the ice. It’s an essential part of some of those cocktails. And with this gorgeous ice bucket, you won’t mind including the cold cubes on your cart. I wouldn’t be surprised if you rotated this bucket around your hosting spaces for all your parties. (via World Market)

Gold deco collection

Every bar cart needs a couple tools. This barware collection features a marble base and shiny gold tools that promise to make all your drink crafting simple and fun. (via West Elm)

Floral tea towel

Once in a while, you will have your spills and splashes, especially if you open up your cart to tipsy guests. Keep this floral tea towel handy to quickly wipe up any messes and keep your cart looking clean and tidy. (via Anthropologie)

Gold stemless glassware

Since we’re going for the gold on our bar carts, it make sense to have these stemless gold-rimmed glasses. Simple and chic, just adding these will make any college bar cart seem like a grown up bar cart in no time. (via West Elm)

Teak stirring spoons

Sometimes cocktails need a little stirring help. Provide these beautiful teak stirrers for those moments and your cocktails will seem all the more upscale for even the smallest party. (via Muhs Home)

Glass brass decanter

Decanters are a great way to make your must have drinks look fancier on your cart. Plus you’ll feel so classic as you give it a swirl before you pour it in a guest’s cup. (via Pulp Home)

Gilded agate coasters

While your bar cart doesn’t really require coasters, your coffee table does. So it makes sense that you would keep these beauties on your cart, ready to hand out to the guests with misting glasses. (via Anthropologie)

Moscow mule mug

Every bar cart should have a set of Moscow Mule mugs. Even if you only make Moscow Mules once a year, the copper cups will look great as bar cart decor and then when you do use them, it will be worth every penny. (via West Elm)

Champagne art print

Champagne is always a good idea. That’s why this print is such a great idea for your bar cart. Or if you prefer, “It’s 3:00 Somewhere”. A quote print will give your bar cart the last bit of personality you’re looking for. (via Etsy)