Stylish architectural design in Sydney, Australia

The stylish architectural design containing four bedrooms was designed by Corben Architects to be advantaged since its location in the southern side is an outstanding view of a waterfall. It was a replacement of an older house and has been therefore designed under the adherence to the regulations that are stipulated by the local authorities.

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At the entry point is a gate that borders the street. On entering the homestead, one can get a glimpse of the waters that are rushing down the slopes of the nearby calm waters. The house is a fully furnished villa that displays the total essence of woodwork, from the kitchen, to the living room and also the dining area.

The middle level of the house is where two living rooms are located, and also has contained to itself he guest wing of the house.The woodwork adorns the interior of the house, making it an awesome combination of oak and Grey limestone.

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The building is a simple rectilinear form of concrete and masonry construction, carefully layered with timber battening and sandstone cladding to present a modern home with a focus on natural materials and clear design principles.