Stylish apartment in Sweden with a modern design and just a hint of yellow

Located in Sweden, this apartment is full of beauty and style. It measures 105.5 square meters which is not exactly a lot of space. But in this case the space was cleverly and functionally used and the interior design has been chosen to perfectly reflect that. The style chosen for the design is a combination of modern and contemporary.A very nice detail is the fact that the interior design throughout is cohesive and, even though each room is unique and has a different functionality, some details have been preserved as to allow continuity.

Apartment with yellow accents1

For example, the chromatic palette is very simple. It includes white as a main color, combined with shades of natural wood and just a hint of bright yellow for contrast, occasionally combined with green.

Apartment with yellow accents4

The simplicity of the décor is partly due to the restraint number of colors and textures used throughout. But, even so, even with all the white that is in there, the apartment still manages to feel very inviting and cozy. That’s because, even though the walls are crisp white throughout, the wooden floors add warmth and texture in the rooms. The kitchen also has wooden countertops sharing the same characteristics.

Apartment with yellow accents

Apartment with yellow accents2

Apartment with yellow accents3

Apartment with yellow accents6

Apartment with yellow accents7

Apartment with yellow accents8

Apartment with yellow accents9

Apartment with yellow accents10

Yellow in this case was used as an accent color and as a way to add contrast and to create focal points. It was used for elements such as the lamps, the furniture and accessories and in some cases it’s combined with shades of mustard and green in the form of plants, artwork or those nice little chairs.{found on Bjurfors}.