Stylish and modern hallway ceiling makeover

Whenever you feel like your home needs a makeover or that a certain part of it could use some changes, don’t hesitate to search the internet. There are lots of articles that will give you plenty of ideas. This one for example will show you how to make your hallway ceiling modern and attractive. This ceiling used to be simple but also boring. It didn’t express much. Tat was until the owner decided to do something about it. The idea was to create a simple graphic pattern using tape.

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The whole project was completed in a few hours. An hour should be for preparations, two for painting and two more for waiting for the paint to dry. At the end you’ll need around 10 minutes to clean and take off the tape. This is probably the best part. As for the budges, it was almost zero. That’s because the owner already had some paint, tape and all the painting supplies. You don’t need many supplies anyway, just lots of painter’s tape, a paintbrush, a roller brush and, of course, some paint. It can be any color you want. In this case the owner opted for a subtle contrast between white and gray.

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Here are the basic steps for this project. First you’ll need to clean the ceiling and paint it white if it’ not already painted. Then get started on the tape. Divide the ceiling into quarters lengthwise and then add smaller pieces of tape for the pattern. It’s a lot easier when you see the pictures. After you’re done with this, start painting. Make sure you know which rectangles to paint and which need to remain white. It can be useful to put a small square in the areas that need to remain unpainted. Add two coats of paint, wait till it’s dry and pull off the tape.{found on designsponge and done by Gemma Bonham-Carter}.