Stylish and delicate tea sets by Heinrich Wang

It’s time we presented you something a little out of the ordinary from what you usually read on our site. It’s a collection of tea sets, not something you usually find in every house. A tea set is something very delicate and precious that needs to be carefully handled. This collection was created by Heinrich Wang. It’s a series of contemporary porcelain sets with fine features and very stylish designs.

Porcelan tea setView in gallery

The sets from the pictures will be shown at La Triennale di Milano between April 17 and April 22. They were the creations of Heinrich Wang who used the Chinese philosophy as inspiration for his work. Notice how delicate the lines of each piece from these sets are. Not only that the collection is very stylish and beautiful but it’s also a contemporary creation. Tea sets are usually antiques and there aren’t many modern designs in this field. It was about time someone brought some new ideas and some new concepts to the table.

Porcelan tea set1View in gallery

Porcelan tea set2View in gallery

As you can see, the pieces from the collection feature fine lines, gracious curves and delicate features. Thee designs are inspired by Chinese legends and symbols and they all inspire inner peace. That’s why they all seem so appealing and beautiful. To be able to combine such elements and to create a contemporary design requires skill and talent. The collection is indeed unique, something to admire and that will hopefully inspire other creations as well.