Style Files: Wood Washing!

Think rustic cabins or elegant and cozy spaces. You might love wooden furniture, but have you ever thought of using this wonderful texture and material all over a room? Here are tips for using a large amount of wood in a room.

Paint it!

Long narrow living room
Fresh-Faced Wood

Don’t think that you need to leave all the wood in the room in its natural state. Consider painting some or all of it. A lashing of white paint can rejuvenate old wood, giving it a more modern feeling.

Use a Room Divider.

Long narrow living room
Wood Excels in Different Forms

If you have wooden furnishings and a ceiling, consider creating a wooden room divider. This can be made with planks of wood in a criss-cross fashion, for instance. It is a great way to fill the space in a large living area while also creating something new and interesting for the eye to see.

Break the Wall for Windows.

Long narrow living room
Outdoor Scenery is Effortless Décor

Furnishing the entire room in wood can make you feel that you are in a farmhouse or cozy cabin. It definitely gives the impression of being out in nature, so complete the effect by ensuring you have many large windows in the room. This brings in lots of natural light and also creates unity between your living space and nature. An added bonus is that it makes the room appear larger, which prevents an all-wooden room from looking dark or small.

Bring in Soft Fabrics.

Long narrow living room
Comforting Fabrics Soften Wood

Sometimes wood can appear hard and cold in a room. This is where soft fabrics come in. These can be wonderful when set against wood, creating a delightful blend. Fabric works to bring texture to your living space or just make it feel more comfortable.

Mix it up with other Materials.

Long narrow living room

A way to spice up your wooden room is to bring in other elements, such as stone. Wood and stone work wonderfully together, creating a rustic yet elegant living space. Metals such as gold, silver and bronze are other materials that look stylish with wooden furnishings.

Use Furniture in Light Colors.

Long narrow living room
Fresh and Opulent

The use of upholstery in light colors can add a freshness to wood, even if your furnishings include vintage or salvaged wood. This is a wonderful update for traditional room, making it much more modern and trendy.

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