Stunning Waterfront House in Battery Point, Tasmania

Today we would like to present you a stunning house located in one of Australia’s finest addresses, Battery Point. Designed by Maria Gigney Architects, this gorgeous residence has minimalist design features of glass and steel blend with timber accents.

Stunning waterfront house

The architects wanted to create something simple, subtle yet sophisticated. With breathtaking views across the Derwent River from the Casino to Hobarts Eastern shore, this waterfront home is a first class property. Siting on a 1030 square meters plot the beautiful residence houses four bedrooms, two bathrooms, an open space living, dining and kitchen space ans car space for three.

Stunning waterfront house1

Stunning waterfront house2

Stunning waterfront house3

Stunning waterfront house4

The most interesting thing about it is that half of the house is made out of glass which is a wonderful feature. It allows natural light in and offers unsurpassed views. What’s more it has electric louvered windows that open to cool the air during summer. Furthermore, the lounge has a cozy fireplace that is the focal point of the room, a feature that will create a magical atmosphere. If you want to host a party then you can cover the pool and create a wonderful space for glamorous nights.

Stunning waterfront house5

Stunning waterfront house6

Stunning waterfront house7

Stunning waterfront house8

Stunning waterfront house9

Located just a glance away from Battery Point Village, this astounding residence is a chic and welcoming place to land. Moreover it is for sale at $717,500. With gorgeous views, luxurious features and an indoor heated pool, this house is a sanctuary to retreat to.