Stunning interiors by Melbourne-based designer Christopher Elliott

Melbourne based interior designer Christopher Elliott once again shows us his talent with this series of beautiful interiors. Whether it’s a spacious apartment or a cozy house, he always knows how to make it shine. The designer’s style is characterized by simplicity. For example, this particular group of interiors that we have selected all feature unique and beautiful decors but they also all share in common a few elements.

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First of all, notice the simplicity of the interior decors. They all feature clean lines and regardless of the type of home, they are all reflecting luxury and style. But simplicity is not synonym with lack of inspiration. On the contrary, it’s quite difficult to create a minimalist interior that feels cozy and stylish when you don’t use many accessories and decorations. Christopher Elliott’s interiors distinguish themselves with their fresh masculine style. Even so, they never look cold or uninviting.

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The neutral color palette throughout these spaces is beautifully balanced by warm or bold accent colors used in elements such as artwork, accent pieces including decorative pillows, lighting fixtures, mirrors and rugs. The balance of colors is very beautiful and the same goes for all the beautiful textures and patterns. These are all inspiring modern interiors with simple but very stylish details and lines. It’s interesting how all these elements, individually delicate and chic, work together to form a masculine look.