Stunning High-Tech Mirror

Today’s inspired work is an interesting mirror. This piece shows where technology is headed. Created by researchers at New York Times, this mirror will remind you of the Snow White story. This amazing piece will tell you anything, from what the weather is like outside to how would a particular tie suit you.

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This mirror was designed to explore how the relationship between information and the self is evolving. Another aspect that was taken into consideration was the role of media in our lives. With the help of a special semi-reflective glass surface, you will be able to see both a normal reflection, as well as overlaid, high-contrast graphics.

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What’s more, it was designed as a key feature in your home, so the mirror uses face recognition to call up personalized data, including health stats, a calendar, news feeds, and other information relevant to your morning routine. It can be activated by voice commands and gestures. Moreover an RFID-enabled shelf responds to objects that are placed on it, like medications, revealing personalized data. It will also recognize certain behaviors and will recommend contextually-relevant content.

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This high-tech mirror is a great invention that soon enough will be part of our lives and daily routines. It is sleek and one of the best 50 invention of 2011.