Get On Trend With These Stunning Geometric Lights

It’s a well known fact that one of the simplest upgrades you can make in your home is replacing your light fixtures. However, such a simple change comes with a not so simple choice. There are thousands of beautiful light fixtures out there so deciding which one belongs above your dining room table can be the cause of a few sleepless nights. If you’re in this predicament, I have a piece of advice for you. Go geometric. In case you haven’t noticed, geometric light fixtures and lamps have been on trend for a while now. Whether your room is industrial or minimal, I promise that a geometric light fixture will match. Get started with these 12 geometric lights and get ready to sleep well tonight.

diamond geo pendant

The diamond pendant may be the most classic of geometric lighting. It can be purchased for minimal expense or made yourself and you’ll discover that it will complete your dining room or your child’s bedroom or your dorm room perfectly. (via Etsy)

glass geo light

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more industrial and grown up. This glass geometric pendant is just the thing. The fixture has a more complete look than the diamond pendant above but all that glass means you won’t be losing any light. (via West Elm)

gold geo lamp

Is your side table looking for a geometric makeover? Adding this gold lamp will not only fulfill the goal but it will also add that pop and sparkle that every room needs. (via The Land of Nod)

faceted geo pendant

I may or may not have swooned when I discovered this faceted pendant lamp. It’s like somebody took the popular vintage industrial light fixture and geometric-ified it. Just imagine this hanging above your countertop and suddenly it becomes a must have. (via Anthropologie)

modern geo lamp

You better have a pretty lightbulb on hand for this lamp. In fact, you might want to have two of these, one for your living room and one for your bedroom. More geometric decor can never hurt, right? (via Urban Outfitters)

geo drum light

Are you thinking that your home is too modern for geometric lighting? This drum pendant just might make you think again. While the shape and color are modern in style, those triangles give it the perfect geometric flair. (via West Elm)

geo star light

Just because it’s geometric doesn’t mean you have to stick with the squares and hexagons. This star light is a stellar example of a geometric light fixture that thinks outside the box. (via Anthropologie)

marbled geo lamp

It’s geometric. It’s marble. It’s simple and chic. It’s the ideal lamp to grace your dining room buffet or your living room credenza… Or your bedroom nightstand for that matter! (via CB2)

geo light shade

While this geo pendant shade would be an easy switch, I can see this being a simple DIY as well. Just twist, paint and hang and you’ll have a geo light shade that everybody thought you bought. (via Urban Outfitters)

caged geo lamp

Can you imagine this little decorative display in your living room? You can’t complete it without that copper diamond lamp! It will bring both the shine and the geo your living room is looking for in one hit. (via Etsy)

stacked geo lamp

For those of you who are serious suckers for geometric lighting, consider adding this stacked geo floor lamp to your space. The wood blocks keep it fresh and eclectic so no one will be able to argue with so much geo. (via Anthropologie)

geo cat light

Don’t forget the kids! This cute little geo cat nightlight will be the final geo touch your home needs. Plus, they’ll get a smile from it each time you say goodnight and turn out the light. (via Etsy)