Stunning Basketball Court Conversion by The Apartment

What was once a basketball court is now a 5-bedroom luxury apartment. Converted by The Apartment designers, this first YMCA in the U.S. is siting on a 7,000 square feet lot.

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The architects wanted to follow their bliss and they have managed to do so by creating a romantic, minimalist home. They decided to invest in the top two floors and turn them into a showcase of all the things they did best. They didn’t want to change everything so they kept the original basketball flooring in the private areas of the apartment.

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As you can see bright colors were used in order to give it a playful and funky look. There are a lot of amazing features, such as the fireplace, the green carpet in the living area which looks like grass, the disco ball in the dressing room the home theater and many more.

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Another amazing thing about it is the wallpaper which was also designed by the architects. Moreover the rooms feel big, bright and airy due to the good choice of color palette. The kitchen is highly functional and high on style. Everything was made to give it flavor and it is now ready for its final curtain call.

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The Apartment architects decided to redesign a building that needed their help because of years of abandonment and gave it some love.