Strong yet sleek and elegant metal beds – a chic piece in the bedroom

The bed is the most important element in the bedroom, the one that gives it its name. This makes the decision of choosing the right material, the right design and the right details so much more difficult. Wooden beds are very popular and they can be extremely beautiful. They add warmth and texture to the décor. However, metal beds have their charm as well. They are strong, durable and they can also be sleek and stylish.

Red metalic bed boys roomView in gallery

A classical metal bed can be a wise choice for the kids’ bedroom. It has the strength and durability to face its users and, in this particular case, it also creates a nice contrast of colors with the dark wall, white bedding and patterned details.

White small bedroomView in gallery

This traditional bedroom also features a metal bed. The design is similar to the one featured for the first example, but, in this case, the bed becomes a seamless part of the décor rather than standing out. The accent details here are the striped carpet and the bedding.

Mirrored metal bedView in gallery

This stylish bedroom features an eclectic interior décor with a beautiful canopy bed. The bed features a shiny metal frame and has no curtains, a detail that makes the design stand out and become the focal point. In order to balance the metallic finish of the bed, matte grey details were also introduced in the form of a rug and decorative cushions.

Country metal bedView in gallery

A metal bed with a classical design and a simple frame is a great choice for a traditional bedroom. This one, for example, counterbalances the coldness of the metal bed with wood paneled walls and ceiling, soft lighting and colorful accent furniture and decorations.

Teenage bedroom with metal bedView in gallery

This is another very warm, cozy and inviting bedroom. It also features a metal bed and has an eclectic interior. There are lots of traditional details complemented by a few modern touches. The lighting is soft and delicate and the décor is very well balanced in terms of color, pattern and texture.

Kids room metal bedView in gallery

This kids’ bedroom features a contemporary interior and a very beautiful color palette that consists of several pastel tones including lilac, pink, blue and green. The canopy bed features a sleek metal frame and delicate curtains matching the bedding. Everything is very beautifully balanced and the colors complement each other nicely.

Brown modern carpet metal bedView in gallery

Here’s yet another kids’ bedroom but in this case the décor is very stylish, very elegant and quite simple as well. It’s a combination of white and dark brown. The bed features a metal frame which is very sleek and thin and a classical canopy with white curtains. The bedding is also white with black trims and everything looks perfectly organized.

Shared metal bedsView in gallery

This traditional kids’ bedroom features a very symmetrical interior. It has two beds with metal frames and simple designs, two matching ottomans at the end of the beds with pastel black upholstery, a wooden cabinet in between the beds and four lovely wall decorations above it. The bedding is also very similar.

Metal bed inox styleView in gallery

This bedroom is quite small but it has a very simple and crisp interior décor. The whole room is decorated in black and white. White is the background color and the black is used as an accent detail for the trimming, the pattern on the wallpaper, the curtains and the bedside tables. The bed has a metal frame and a metallic finish. The yellow lamps are the focal point.

Vintage bedroom metal bedView in gallery

Our last example is another elegant bedroom featuring a traditional interior. The metal bed integrates nicely into the décor and it’s beautifully complemented by the rest of the colors and textures. The wooden furniture adds warmth and texture to the décor while the chandelier and all the other decorative elements are the finishing touches for a stylish room.

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