Stripes Make a Solid Statement (on Furniture)

There are few patterns as graphically arresting as stripes, and there are few patterns as versatile as well. Whether the stripes exist on walls, textiles, art, or elsewhere, their incorporation will bring instant style to the space. I’ve particularly noticed that stripes on furniture have the potential to make an incredibly bold statement about who the owner is as a person, his/her lifestyle, and his/her design or décor preferences. Consider the following pieces of furniture that, for all intents and purposes, just wouldn’t be the same without their stripes:

Coastal modern.

Green bedroom striped wals

A chunky taupe and white stripe on this furniture set brings in fresh, neutral color to the space in a powerfully aesthetic manner. The stripes themselves tie into the simplicity of the room, but they also bring together important stylistic choices that might otherwise seem disconnected. I especially like how the furniture stripes draw out the chandelier’s “stripes” within the sphere’s circular shaping. The entire space here is relaxed yet nautically sophisticated.

Antique chic.

Green bedroom striped wals

This glazed buffet piece keeps its integrity with woody neutrals but is emphasized as a stylistic showpiece because of its stripes. There are lovely details everywhere on this piece: in the stripes themselves, the glazing of the solid trim, the hardware. The striped buffet is paired with elegantly oversized floral photography and a contemporary lamp, which all works together to create a wonderfully interesting and pleasing juxtaposition.

Mid century casual.

Green bedroom striped wals

The very wide stripe of this club chair promotes a casual and friendly invitation for visitors to come-as-you-are. Paired with neutrally colored, simple and classy mid century modern furnishings, the stripe highlights those fabulous vertical leg lines throughout the space. I particularly love the sense of chunkiness that this striped chair offers in a space that needs something substantial to resonate with the fireplace and to feel balanced overall.

Off-center artiste.

Green bedroom striped wals

The stripes on this dresser are not your typical furniture stripe; rather, they are eclectic and slightly off-center race stripes that exude energy and character. The larger center race stripe is perfectly centered on the drawer pulls, which provides a sense of structure (however subconscious) amid the unbalance. Colors are kept neutral and crisp, and a chunky wooden box filled with bright yet orderly colored pencils complement the flair and personality of the dresser itself.

Modern bombe.

Green bedroom striped wals

In this delicately colored and styled room, where serene pastels abound and vertical lines are the norm, a chunky charcoal stripe on a mid-sized bombe dresser makes a huge impact. The colors are neutral(ish), but pleasantly darker than the rest of the kiwi-colored space, making the dresser’s presence more prominent and, to me, likeable. I love how the traditional piece goes against the grain of the delicate room with a wide horizontal stripe.

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