Striped Duvet Cover and Shams in White/Citron

olours influence people’s mood and this is a proved fact, not just a theory. That is why specialists recommend the use of mild shades of colour for the walls and bedding in the bedroom, as this might influence you in a positive or negative way. They say that if you sleep in a room designed in lighter colours this will be beneficial while the effect will be opposite if you sleep in a dark bedroom and you will wake up tired and in a bad mood. This adds to the quality of the bedding. So you see it’s very important to know everything about it since these little details can have a great influence on us. Apparently this Striped Duvet Cover and Shams in White/Citron is perfect for your bedroom.

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The mild yellow – citron is very well combined with white and the large stripes are the perfect design for a modern and also for a traditional bedding. The duvet is made of cotton and has a button closure. You can choose the size of the duvet and sham and also to choose if you want it monogrammed or not. You can have your initials, your names or even “yours” and “mine” signs on them for a funny effect. The price of the duvet cover starts from $59 and that of the sham from $19.