String Pocket Shelves

Nothing is worse than buying furniture that looks great in the furniture shop and when you get home with it you realize that it does not fit your room right or it is the wrong size or maybe it does not match the other things in the house. It’s horrible and it generates zillions of bad thoughts and nerves. So the best thing to do is to purchase some kind of furniture that you can easily assemble and then disassemble (just in case) and adjust it according to your needs. This is the perfect furniture, as it gives you the liberty to makes adjustments both in the beginning and also on the way, if you simply get bored with the same picture over and over again and want to change something.

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The String Pocket shelves give you this freedom and you can use them any way you want to or need to. They are sent to you in modules with three shelves that you can move up or down the lateral support, depending on the size of the things you intend to place there.

They are now produced by the Swedish company – String, but they were designed by Nisse Strinning back in the 1950s. They are available in seven colors and different sizes and you can purchase it only in Europe for 105 euro.

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