String Planters – A New Trend Bringing Us Closer To Nature

You might have noticed lately that there’s this trend going around involving planters made of moss and string. The inspiration comes from Japan where kokedama are very popular. The term translates as “moss ball” and refers to a ball of soil wrapped in moss inside which a plant grows. You could call these living planters. They’re really easy to craft and they’re a nice alternative to the usual terracotta pots. So check out these beautiful DIY planters and see how they’re made.

Moss Ball String Garden

We’ll start out with a list of the things usually needed for such a project. It includes a sheet of moss, some waxed twine, natural jute or cotton string and some small plants of your choice. Prepare the plant by watering it a few hours before you start the project. Then remove it from the pot and shake off the excess soil. Trim the roots that are too long. Mold the soil into a mall and cover it with moss. Wrap the moss with twine. You can hang the plant with yarn in front of the window or display it in a bowl. {found on gardenmatter}

DIY String Garden

The process is usually pretty much the same for all similar projects. You can also find a nice example on Allthegoodgirlsgotoheavenblog. The supplies required in this case include a plant, some moss, scissors, some thread, string, newspaper and gloves if you don’t want to get your hands dirty. The whole project takes around 30 minutes. After you remove the plant from its pot you have to shape the roots and soil into a ball. Wrap it with some thread to help it maintain its shape. Then cover the ball in moss wrap string around it to make a nice hanging system.

Kokedama Hanging Plant

You can add some color to your kokedama by using colored cord or string. If you want something sturdy, plastic cord could be an option. You can find out how the planter would look like in that case from the description provided on Guidecentr. The project is simple. Lay the moss flat with the green side down. Remove the plant from its container and place it at the center of the moss. Wrap the moss around the rots and secure it with cord.

Lemon string plant hanging
String art hangin plant
Magical string planter
Magical spheres of string art
String art magical design
Magical sphere string plant

These planters can look really awesome if you hang them somewhere. You could have your own indoor garden that won’t take up any floor space. Consider this idea if you have a home with a high ceiling and exposed beams. That definitely makes things easier. In any case, hanging planters like these always look elegant and charming. The presentation is stylish and chic. You can choose from a lot of different types of plants for the project. They can even be Bonsai trees and tall flowering plants. You can find plenty of inspiration on Etsy.

Hang out flowers

On Siteforeverything you can also find a bunch of great examples featuring this idea. There are lots of options you can explore. Bonsai-style plants are really beautiful and so are flowering plants. String gardens can be designed in a lot of charming ways. Hang the plants at various heights and in various spaces to add freshness and beauty to the room.

Spagnum Moss Ball

This idea also works great for succulent plants. Check out Tomfo to find out more about the project. The moss ball planter tutorial featured here also shows how you can customize the project with your favorite color. There’s a lot of wrapping involves so make sure you have enough string. Also, it would be more practical to hang it outside since there might be water dripping from the planter.

Neon string for hanging balls

And speaking of succulents, there are lots of fun things you can try. For example, make your moss ball planter look like a pineapple. You’ll find some inspiration from that on beautifulhomeandgardendiy. The challenging part is giving the ball the right shape and making it symmetrical. You can maintain a natural and organic look by using the right type of string or twine.

Making String Hanging Gardens
Making String Gardens

Of course, you can come up with variations of these projects. In fact, the moss balls don’t have to be perfectly round and the plant doesn’t necessarily have to stick out at the top. You can put several small succulents in the same string planter. To find out how to make such a unique planter, have a look at the description provided on Radmegan.