Striking apartment in Cuneo, Italy

This beautiful and eccentric apartment is located somewhere in Cuneo, Italy. The apartment has been designed and decorated by Christian Di Nicuolo and Simone Dalmasso. It was a complex project that involved the restoration of an attic situated in the historic center of the city of Cuneo, in Italy.

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The designers decided to make the most of the space they had available and they ended up by rethinking the whole structure of this place.The transformation was spectacular. Not only that the attic is now more modern but it’s also completely different from what it used to be before the restoration.

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The whole project is very light and bright. In order to be able to benefit as much as possible from the space offered by this attic, an intermediate floor was used. This intermediate floor now includes the bedroom. It was ingenious and it allowed for an additional room to be created. Still, this new floor also compromised the light in the spaces underneath.

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In order to solve that problem a glass floor has been integrated. This way the light can get through and the bedroom gets to have a cool floor. This created the effect of a bed laid on water. The stairs are also striking. The laundry includes a spacious walk-in closet. As for the furniture, it’s a reflection of the owner’s eccentricity.