Street light floor lamp

If you were looking for an interesting lamp idea, here is the Monumental Untitled Concepts Collection Floor Lamp. Inspired from street light design its available for 2400$ and looks absolutely amazing. That does not necessarily means it looks great, but it does have a different design than what we are used to seeing when it comes to floor lamps.

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We know that street lights stay in the street and we do recognize the special design but it’s simply unusual to see it inside our homes. Any way, I don’t know for sure if the designer really took a street lamp and turned it into a floor lamp or if he only got inspiration from them, but this unusual floor lamp looks a bit over sized and unusual. It is made of metal and has a very powerful light bulb, so it can be very effective, but I am afraid it is a bit too robust to my taste. However, it seems that there are enough people who like it and bought it since the price is a bit high and there’s still demand for it.