Storytime Rocker by Nurseryworks

My memories from childhood are very funny and dear to me. I remember my early days and I feel nostalgic when thinking about this period of time when I had no worries in the world but to play all day long. But I do remember clearly the rocking chair that was my favourite place in the house where I used to stay for hours, listenting to grandma’s stories. I first revived this memory when I had my first baby. And I discovered the baby wanted to be rocked until she fell asleep. So I tried to buy a comfortable rocking chair to help me, as it is easier sitting and rocking instead of standing and doing the same thing. This Storytime Rocker by Nurseryworks is priceless for mothers and babies and it looks great, too.

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This chair has a very nice design and is big enough to welcome the little person. It comes in upholstery fabric  and you can choose from a variety of colours. Even the legs come in two different colours (Light Ash or Dark Ash), so that you can match the rocking chair with the other objects in the house and the general design. The fabric that covers the chair is water resistant and anti-static, so perfect for children. Made of Lacquered MDF and Birch, the rocking chair is now available for $650.