Where & How To Store Your Linens: Ideas & Inspiration

Between the extra guest towels, sheets, shams, blankets for the living room, cloth napkins and more … it’s hard to find the space to organize these necessities. And then, if you’re even lucky enough to have an extra closet especially for these linens or even an extra cabinet .. how do you organize them? We’re here to give you some ideas and inspiration! So, sit back and check out where to store your linens with us!

1. Baskets Full.

Organized Linen ClosetView in gallery

If you have shelves or a cabinets in the guest bathroom, store you towels, wash cloths and extra shower curtains in baskets! They won’t be out in the open to easily get dirty, but they’ll be easily accessible and stylishly organized.

2. Concert A Closet.

Original Baer linen closetView in gallery

If you’re lucky enough to have an extra closet, convert it into a home for your linens! It makes for an easy way to conceal, grab and go and of course, organize everything!

3. Vintage Pieces.

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Get creative and use vintage boxes, cabinets and even jewelry boxes to store things like aprons and cloth napkins. It’ll give you buffet something to be styled with, but you’ll know exactly when your find your something specials when the time comes.

4. Some Side Shelves.

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Create some side shelving on your cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom! It’s a great, easy way to store your linens and to keep them readily available.

5. In The Armoire.

Armoire linen storage organizedView in gallery

Probably my favorite option of the bunch, find yourself an amazing, vintage armoire and stuff it with all of the coziest parts of the house.

6. Label Things.

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It’s imperative that if you’re linens are hidden and tucked away, that you label them. Store them in canvas cubes or boxes, but make sure you know what’s what for an easier day of changing the beds.{found on ourfifthhouse}.

7. Hang Them.

Closet linenView in gallery

Sometimes the best way to store your linens is in a closet or nook, but it’s not always the best to fold them! With pressed tablecloths, napkins and aprons, sometimes it’s better to hang them up!

8. Each Room.

Beach style bedroom linen storageView in gallery

Not all of us have a giant armoire or linen closet, instead we have to get creative. Instead, store the linens for each room, in each room! The blankets in the storage ottoman, the towels under the sink and the sheets in the closet of each room they’re used in.

9. Hidden Away.

Traditional living room vintage suitcase storageView in gallery

Use old suitcases and the like to store your linens! This is where you can really use your imagination and figure out how to work around the space you’ve got.

10. Tucked Under.

Bed linenView in gallery

A great idea snagged from Apartment Therapy, for apartments or even dorms, store your extra sheets in between the mattress and boxspring! Grab and go when it’s time to change the bed!