Storage Pink Cubes for the Kids Room

The kids room is a special place in the house that has its own design and its own rules. There kids are allowed to have lots of toys and a special house for the dolls, colouring pencils and rockets, all in the same drawer. It’s a charming mix-up of different things brought together in a funny pile. That is why mothers always go crazy when entering this wonder land and insist on asking their children to place everything in its place. So storage bins or boxes are their favourite tools. These Storage Pink Cubes for the Kids Room are actually perfect both for the kids and their mothers. They are cute, especially if the kids are girls and they are modular, meaning that you can use more than one and use your imagination in combining them in a special kind of furniture.

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The cubes are also stackable and made from zBoard – recycled paper and completely recyclable. Use your imagination and as many cubes as you need and you can create a bedside cabinet, bookshelves, storage boxes, a tower for the toys and many other things you can think of like a special place for your CDs and DVDs or maybe a wall support for the speakers. Any way, each pink cube can be bought for $20 from Way Basics.