Storage Hollow Chair by Judson Beaumont

There are lots of inspiring and interesting furniture designs. We’ve even presented some of them in our articles. Here’s yet another very interesting piece of furniture. It’s called the Hollow Chair and it was designed by Vancouver based artist Judson Beaumont who is the designer and owner of Straight Line Designs also known as the one who created the Little Black Dresser.

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Among his other creations there’s this amazing one. The Hollow Chair is unique piece of furniture with one of the most inspiring designs. The main feature of this armchair is the fact that it has a hollow frame that presents a built-in storage space inside. There you can store anything you want and it will also become a part of the chair’s design.

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In fact, the entire bottom part of this armchair is hollow and it can be completed with anything you want. You can store there books, magazines, decorations, toys and anything creative you can think of including pets that will definitely love that space. The storage space doesn’t have a door so it will be visible at all times. So be careful what you store there because everyone will see it. This also gives you an opportunity to decorate your armchair will things like flowers, crafts and anything else you love. Personalize your chair and make it unique.