Storage and Presentation Box from Pina Zangaro

When you are at home you can arrange all the things in different spaces, in wardrobes, bookcases, cabinets and whatever pieces of furniture you have around. But when you are at work, in an office, you have very little space and very few options for storing things, especially all the papers and small items you need in an office.


Of course, if you want to have an organized work place that will make a good impression on everyone entering it you must keep it clean at all times, but at the same time you must try to keep all the important stuff within reach in order to have immediate access to everything that;s important. So I guess this Storage and Presentation Box from Pina Zangaro is perfect for a busy office in a modern building.

This box is perfect, as it stores your most valuable papers in a perfectly safe and secure environment, but you can also use it as a presentation box. That means that you can take it with you when you have a presentation and then just get the things you have inside and show them to the interlocutor. The box is designed by Pina Zangaro and is very cool and modern. It is made of anodized aluminum and that makes it pretty lightweight. It has a lift -off lid which opens easily and has a nice professional grey colour. You can buy this one with $35, but it is available in different sizes.