Stools and tables with an industrial feel by Flip Sellin

Most often, the innovation doesn’t consist in details and large numbers of decorations but in the beauty of the design itself. The Thread Family reflects that perfectly. It’s a collection of stools with minimalist designs and very pure lines. It’s their simplicity that makes them unique and interesting. The stools from the Threaded Family series have been designed by Filip Sellin of Coordinating Berlin.

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The stools feature very basic designs. They have traditional shapes and a pure look. The base features four legs and it’s made of stainless steel. This makes it strong, durable and stable. The base has a hole on top and the top is screwed in. This allows the used to change the height of the seat and adjust it to his needs and physique. The classical design of this stool makes it stand out. However, it also has a modern twist. The colors are bright and they combine beautifully with the brown seat.

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The seat of the stools is made from America walnut. It consists of a 40mm helical cut connected to the seat by a wedge-joint in a cross shape. The wood is lacquered with hardwood oil for a smooth surface and for protection. The design of the base was influenced by bicycle frames and it has a very simple and precise design. The inner components of the stools are hand-crafted from non-dyed technical polymer. This is a very charming furniture collection that impresses with its simplicity and versatility.