Stone, wood and metal was used for this house in Australia

The Under the Moonlight house is a dreamy getaway destination that Giovanni D’Ambrosio Architecture designed for a client. The building is located in Mount Hotham in Australia. The location is really beautiful. The house is surrounded by amazing landscape, not to mention that it also offers extraordinary views.

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When designing the house, the architect tried to find a way to integrate it into the surroundings. This was done by the use of specific materials that blend in and seamlessly allow the house to become part of the landscape. The site also had a historical background so that was also something to take into consideration when designing the house. The house has a shape reminiscent of those adopted by cowboys and locals that lived in the area. However, the approach is modern.

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The house was built using stone, wood and metal. It’s not a permanent residence but rather a getaway used during friendly months. The house is cozy and inviting, both during the summer and winter. It offers inhabitants the opportunity to admire the surrounding landscape throughout the year and see the changes that occur and the way the nature evolves.

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The house features large windows and glass walls that allow panoramic views towards the outdoor area. The building has two levels. The ground floor includes the common areas and has access to the garden and the deck while the upper floor houses two bedrooms, a master bedroom with bathroom and a spa. The building also offers shelter from snow and rain and parking spaces.{found on contemporist}.