Stitched DIY Projects For A Beautiful Home

There are lots of things that you can make more beautiful with stitching. For example, the following DIY projects all feature stitched details and they are all chic and beautiful. The projects are diverse and this proves that stitching can be sued to make all sorts of interesting things. Let’s see a few examples.

Cross Stitch Chair.

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This is a hand woven chair and it’s quite beautiful as it is but it’s definitely more eye-catching with all that cross stitching. It’s a great idea for a makeover and you can do the same thing for your own woven chairs. You just need some yarn in different colors and you can use the cross stitch technique to add some color to the chairs.{found on mypoppet}.

Pimp Stool.

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Here’s another lovely makeover: a stool with beautiful stitching on the seat. For a similar project you need a stool, masking tape, acrylic paint, varnish, a power drill, wood in different colors, a needle and paper. First you have to print out the flower pattern. Tape the pattern to the top part of the stool and then push a pin or a needle through the paper to mark each corner of the “x” elements on the pattern. Then drill holed where you’ve made the tiny marks. Use tape to cover the areas that won’t be painted and then paint the edges of the legs and the top parts. Varnish the painted areas and then start cross-stitching the flower pattern.{found on thislittlestreet}.

Cross-Stitched Letter Sorter.

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You can also use cross stitching to give your letter sorter a makeover, provided that it looks something like this. For the project you’ll need a metal letter sorter, embroidery floss, a tapestry needle and spray paint. Spray paint the letter sorter and let it dry. Thread a needle and start stitching. You can make any pattern you want.{found on site}.

DIY Stitched Leather Stool.

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Here’s how you can make a hand-stitched leather stool cover. You need either a round stool or a side table. you also need copper piping cord or leather string, a measuring tape, a craft knife, a few binder clips, a screw punch, a pencil, a small pin and masking tape. First make the top and bottom cover. Cut out the circles and make marks with a pencil. Stack the circles against each other and hold them in place with tape. Cut a hole at every mark. Then stitch the pieces together with leather string.{found on design-milk}.

Coat rack.

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This is a peg board coat rack and it’s a lovely thing to have on the hallway or in the mudroom. As you can see, cross stitching was sued to spell “HELLO” on the peg board with colored thread. Different colors were used for each letter but you could use a single color if you want.{found on charlottesfancy}.

Door message.

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If you have a screen door then you can make it seem a little more inviting and all you need is embroidery thread, a needle and masking tape. Frist assemble the screen if it’s not already in place. Copy the template, enlarge it and use a tape measure to center it on the back of the screen so the text is facing you. Mark the edges of the text on the front of the screen using masking tape. Remove the template and start cross stitching the message on the screen.{found on designsponge}.