Stine A. Johansen’s bright and cozy interior design

Stine A. Johansen is a jewelry designer. Designers, regardless of the field they work in, have a particularly keen sense of style. They are artists and they have a unique talent of creating harmonious compositions, whether it’s something as small as a trinket or as big as a house.This is Stine A. Johansen’s home. It’s a bright and artistically decorated apartment. It has large windows that let the natural light get inside. Moreover, the walls have been painted white. This is a very helpful trick for small spaces and it can really brighten up a room while also creating the impression of a larger space.

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The ceilings are also white and the floors are covered with parquet. They have natural wood color in almost all the rooms. This seems like a very crisp and stylish apartment. Overall, it features a minimalist interior design. However, the white walls act more like a background, a blank canvas for all those beautiful art pieces. The walls have been covered with simple but striking art.

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The rooms are not particularly spacious but the décor helps with that. The furniture is simple and with no visible details or unnecessary decorations. This way the only dynamic and eye-catching elements are the paintings. They add nice colors accents to an otherwise white décor.{found on hegnar}.