StickOnPods Nail Polish Organizer

Whether we like to admit this or not women are different from men. Women need more space for their clothes, so they will take three quarters of the wardrobe and they will need a whole cabinet just for storing all the jewelry and make-up sets. As you have many clothes of different colours, you will certainly want to match the nail polish, too, with the colour of your suit, so you will be surprised to count at least six bottles of nail polish in your cabinet. Well, since they are pretty small, you can loose them easily and when you really need them you will spend an entire hour looking for a particular bottle. So if you want to avoid it and to know exactly where to find all your bottles of nail polish, you should be more organized and keep them all in one place. I can recommend this StickOnPods Nail Polish Organizer.

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It is very simple in design and it has a sticky band on the back, getting stuck on the cabinet door, just as you open it. This way you will be able to find just the item you were looking for in no time. Besides, the organizer is made of transparent plastic, allowing you to see the colour and content. Actually you can use it for many other cosmetic items, that is why it has some protective thin cushions on the bottom. When you get bored of the old location of the pod or you simply change your mind, simply peel it off and stick it some place else. It’s that easy. You can purchase the item for $9.99 from Magna Pods.