Stepping Stone Paths And Bridges For Backyard

Stepping stones are also referred to as step-stone bridges and they represent a simple bridge made of stone arranged in a way that allows you to cross a pond or a garden’s water feature. The design resulted is very simple but also very beautiful and it’s why it can sometimes be adapted to gardens or back yards that don’t necessarily have a water feature.

Backyard pathway rocks
A symmetrical and straight stone pathway running the length of the garden

They may simply be crossing paths that lead from the entrance to the garden or somewhere else.In landscape and garden design, these step=stone bridges cross natural landscape which may include water features or dry landscape as well as symbolic water gardens.

Random shaped pavers
Stones of various shapes and sizes have been placed over gravel
Intothe forest pathway
A step-stone bridge that mysteriously disappears into the nature
Modern grass pathway
Two parallel stone pathways over a beautiful green yard
Graces walkway
Stones with random shapes and sizes give the pathway a more natural look
Modern house backyard
A very interesting and apparently random design with stone invading the pond
Round pathway walks
An interesting variation of a stone pathway with stones featuring round shapes
Clean backyad
Modern landscapes usually feature clean lines with straight angles
Rectangular steps
What starts as a series of three stone pathways with straight lines transforms into a curved bridge
Modern garden steps
The square stones have been placed at an angle and became rhombuses
Garden stepts rectangular
A more intricate series of stone pathways in this large garden
Modern house steps
Most often, it’s the garden or the yard that dictate the shape of the stone and pathway

The stone act as footrest and allow you to cross the garden without damaging the grass or flowers. The stones may also be placed over sand or other types of surfaces so they don’t necessarily have to traverse a green garden. Adapt this type of design to your own back yard and obtain a beautiful décor.

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