Stephenson Chair Slipcover

Here on homedit, we talked and presented the work of Adam Arnorld beccause what he manages to create is unique.The style of the famous Portland designer is very calming but not dull. Is a strange but beautiful combination of color and peace.The thing I like at his slipcovers is that always uses natural materials and keeps the quality standards very high.

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Let’s take this particular slipcover made for a Stephenson Chair, he used wool to manufacture a thing that enters in direct contact with our skin, and imagine how much care and attention is required to make something so personal.His technique is basically the same for each piece; he uses yarn-dyed stripes on various grounds, in this case gray to change the face of some thing you had for years maybe and didn’t really paid attention to it. Now with a new color scheme and a whole new texture you can’t wait to seat in it and enjoy a comfortable experience.

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Stephenson Chair SlipcoverView in gallery

This as well as all of his slipcovers have brass zipper closures and brown corded piping. I have mentioned with other occasions as well that these things are entirely crafted by passionate people that is why this particular slipcover costs around $550 and takes a lot of weeks to complete, up to 8 or even 10.So if you decide to buy make sure you place your order and be patient because it won’t come over night, which can be frustrating for some people, but good things take time.