Step Coffee Table by Svilen Gamolov

I love drinking coffee and this was one of the things I missed most when I was pregnant. So it’s only natural to have a nice useful coffee table in my house. Because, as you can imagine, I also have friends who love coffee, too, and we meet at my place for a cup of steaming coffee and a chat, of course. So I get distracted when I see a nice looking coffee table like the Step coffee table designed by Svilen Gamolov.

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The most interesting feature of this unique coffee table is its appearance. I bet you have never seen such an interesting shape and if you did not know you would never guess it’s a coffee table. It looks exactly like a … step, as the name suggests. That means that you can see a coffee table looking like the footprints of a person – one white, one black and the transparent table top that is made of glass.

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You can imagine you are watching some barefoot person walking on a glass floor and see both the footprint and the shadow (the black part). Actually the two opposite parts – black and white are arched and meet in the middle, being the support for the glass table top. The two footprints are made of plywood and the table top is made of glass and their combination has an amazing effect.

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But if you want to arrange and exhibition or have a coffee shop, it would be a great idea to bring more such coffee tables together and obtain an interesting pattern of footprints like the ones I have imagined when I read Robinson Crusoe – in the part where he saw Friday’s footprints on the beach. Any way, an amazingly creative design.