Steel Spindle Floor Lamp

Society is becoming more and more modern and we get surrounded by all sorts of electronics, home gadgets and appliances, so we no longer know things that were used by our grandparents and other dozens of generations before them. Now the only way we can find out about them is from fairy tales or old stories. This is how my daughter found out what a spindle was and now I am surprised to see a floor lamp with this name. It is probably due to the unusual shape of the lamp leg, as it does look like a spindle, with the larger ends and a thinner part in the middle. Any way, this is the Steel Spindle Floor Lamp.

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It is offered for sale by Marriott, so I guess it is also perfect for hotels interior design. The lamp is fit for the floor, having a long leg and a big lamp shade, and also the right height (63″ high) to cast light over a person reading in the armchair. The base is strong enough to support the lamp and the black steel and brushed chrome leg makes it a classy and elegant accessory for any home or hotel suite. You can purchase it from Marriott exclusively for $232.