Steel frame and curved plywood

I can see finaly something that I like; simple and precise with no extras that very often transform a thing into something that it isn’t.A fine example of what I just said is this classic very basic, standard chair.People very often forget that we build things so we can use them properly according to our needs and any other use for that particular thing designed for that particular purpose would be just inadequate.

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A chair is a chair and it’s being used for seating from the moment it was born as we know it today. This chair presented here does that and nothing more. It doesn’t have light bulbs on it, electric heating and it doesn’t make French fries; it simple, with a strong steel frame, with curved plywood and classic bolts to secure everything in place.

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I have to admit that when I look at this chair some flashbacks are coming into my mind from elementary school because in the early 90’s chairs like this one were used in schools because they were strong and could out stand everything kids put them through.I thing the chairs in my school had different dimensions; this one has the seat 18,5 inches high above the ground and costs around $325. The tubular metal frame is available in two colors, white and black and in my opinion it seems a little bit pricy but it guarantees a life time of service.