Stay Warm This Winter with a Wool Carpet

Wool Carpets make your homecoming an event in the winter days. They not only give you the warmth you need in the chill season, but also add to the charm and beauty. This dual feature precisely explains their silent existence in human civilizations during the last eight thousand years.

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Fringed Braided Wool Rug available from 92 euros.

At the dawn of civilizations, men learnt to sheer hairy animals like goat and sheep. Simultaneously, they developed the technique to weave using the wool. With the passage of time, their creativity went up manifold, and in due course, they started weaving woolen carpets. Although their first object stood for the warmth, little by little, this carpet with their various designs served as pieces of home décors.

Beauty of wool carpets:

Wool carpets give your home the unique touch of elegance and excellence. They come in various shapes, sizes and colors. Right from the first step into your house to the interior, these pieces of home décor role out the underfoot charm and beauty in three varieties:



Modern Style

The Classic style speaks of the sophistication in bold colors and gold designs. The use of different background colors enhances the impact of frames. Contemporary style heightens the eye-catching appeal. It truly complements other home décors as well. Modern style is a statement of time. The layouts of object found in nature like flowers or petals are done in superior style to make them look blooming on the carpet. Apart from this, modern style gives your home the sophistication and charm it looks for, with a long lasting effect.

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John-Paul Philippé Art Rug available from 272 euros.

Other features of wool Carpet:

Since wool is produced in a natural way, wool carpets become an obvious choice for people with an inclination towards eco-friendly products.   Nevertheless wool carpet is a natural cleanser, as it not only traps the tiny dust particles but also absorbs the toxins commonly found in the room. Wool being a non-allergic fiber, it keeps the dust mites and bacteria at bay and thereby, makes the room livable even for the people suffering from asthma and allergy.

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Chunky Wool & Natural Jute Rug available from 92 euros.

Wool carpet is an easily manageable stuff. The natural protecting membranes present in the fiber keep the stains and wet spills at a distance. It can easily be cleaned with the help of a Vacuum Cleaner. In the winter days, when the north wind seems so merciless, the wool carpet on the floor makes you feel at home.{found on